Ambassadors Bios

Meet Our Brand Ambassador


As a military wife and the mother of a child diagnosed with Autism, I’ve had to set my career aside and learn how to work for myself from home allowing my life to be flexible and international. I’ve had many jobs from being in the military myself, working for Microsoft, running an accounting firm, and managing a gas station but none have made me so happy as working for myself and creating beautiful pieces of art that I can share with others.

I’ve always had a passion for creating. By the time I was 5 I was learning how to knit and crochet. By the time I was 8 I had completed my first medium-sized cross stitch (easy one with lots of blank spaces). And as a teenager, my favorite summer memories was going to my grandparent's house and helping them hand quilt on their frame which took up the living room.

So when I became pregnant I figured that was the perfect time to learn how to quilt myself. I bought my very first sewing machine and without any formal (or informal really) training I started piecing small projects. Over the next few years, I have gone through several sewing machines and always upgrading to now owning a Baby Lock. I have also bought myself my Q’nique 14+ on an SR2 frame and so happy that I did. The amount of quilts I’m now able to get done has really improved my business and my time management.

I really look forward to many more years of buying pretty fabric and seeing the look of wonder in people’s eyes as they see the quilts that I create.