Q-Zone Hoop-Frame

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The adjustable and affordable way to complete your own quilting system

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is a whole new type of machine-quilting frame that easily manages fabric like a quilting hoop. With its small space-saving form factor you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects!

We know you’ll love the Hoop-Frame Quilt System!

  • It removes your need to push quilts around on a table, and gives your needle the freedom of gliding over fabric with the precision of an artist.
  • Complete any size quilt on this frame, from crib, queen, king and larger.
  • Finish more quilts faster than ever before.

*Machine Not Included*


Make it a full domestic quilting system with a FREE lightbar in October!

Normally: $2099.90

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Q-Zone Hoop-Frame quilting frame
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Q-Zone Hoop-Frame pro quilting frame

Q-Zone Hoop-Frame pro quilting frame

Welcome to the Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro!

Upgraded with both our dual-track system and table inserts, the Hoop-Frame Pro offers a rigid control and smooth stitch quality equal to any professional quilting frame.

The cherry on top is the cloth leader upgrade; now you can truly quilt from edge to edge on any size quilt.

*Machine Not Included*


Make it a full domestic quilting system with a FREE lightbar in October!

Normally: $2499.90

Step Into Pro

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Work Sitting or Standing

sitting at the Q-Zone

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame can conveniently adjust to let you quilt in the way that is most comfortable to you. Quilt standing or from your favorite chair. While sitting, the small footprint of the frame will let you still reach both ends with your quilting machine.

Smaller Frame, Larger Quilts!

Q-Zone Hoop-Frame small size compared to other frames

Now the size of your quilt is no longer limited by the width of the frame! The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame works similar to a large quilting hoop, letting you quilt one section at a time. Quilt as large as queen, king, and larger quilts, all on this space-saving 4½ foot frame, using the zone-to-zone quilting method.

Hoop-Frame Quilt Clips

Included Quilt Clips

For easiest ever fabric tension and control

Quilt Clips are the easiest and fastest way to control and adjust the layers of fabric on your quilting frame! They hold the fabric to the rails and can be rotated to adjust fabric tension.

Q-Zone track

Smooth Carriage System

The "G-Series" track and carriage system on the Hoop-Frame enhances quilting machine motion and precision.

adjustable depth

Adjustable Depth

Adjust the working area of your quilting frame to give you the ideal comfortable reach. You can make it shorter for home sewing machines, or longer for midarm machines. The frame is compatible with machines with up to a 19 inch throat.

Quilting Frame Leveling Feet

Leveling Feet

No matter what floor your frame is on, these feet are an easy way to make sure it's level and balanced.

height-adjustable legs

Height-Adjustable legs

Quilt in the position that's most comfortable for you thanks to the height-adjustable legs. You even have the option to set the frame up for working in a standing or a sitting position.

Bungee Clamps Included

For Perfect Side Tension

The Bungee Clamps provide excellent and even side tension at the edges of your quilt. These new and improved Grace Company Bungee Clamps have been designed with a sleek new profile to make attaching and removing them even easier!

Optional Accessories

Available for purchase separately
Q-Zone quilting frame table inserts

Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Table Inserts

Add a table-top surface to your Q-Zone for pantograph tracing and other uses from the back of your frame.

Grace Company Cloth Leaders

Grace Company Cloth Leaders

A time-saving product to help you attach the fabric to your frame easily and accurately. Includes three king size cloth leaders printed with precise guide marks and pin lines. It includes a Velcro® attachment kit that is used to secure the cloth leaders to your frame.

Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Size Specifications

Maximum Machine Throat Size

19 inches

Q-Zone Hoop-Frame size

Get your Hoop-Frame Quilting System While Supplies Last!


Normally: $1499.95

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Q-Zone Hoop-Frame quilting frame
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