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Incorporating The Old & The New By Ambassador Lori Ehlert


If you remember last month, I was in the process of constructing a memory quilt for a 50th anniversary with memories from friends and family written on 5" X 5” squares. Using Wildwood Way by RJR Studios in the completion of the quilt. Quilting using my Q’nique 21 and the design Piece of the Heart from Urban Elementz on Quilters Creative Touch I did a medium-density quilting edge to edge (E2E). It is so fun to see the quilt come together when the quilting happens!


A quick wash and the finished product came out wonderful! I was so lucky to have been chosen to put this together for this family. I heard back from the sisters who gave this to their parents as a gift. They loved the quilt and were so excited to read all of the messages from their friends, family, and neighbors.

As I am quilting along, I some times forget things outside of the ‘sweatshop’ as my husband calls it and hours go by because I am doing something I love. When I am creating and quilting it is my ‘happy place’ and forces the everyday ‘stresses’ out because I have to concentrate on what I am doing. Believe me, though, some days it doesn’t work… those are the days I have my seam ripper in my hands A LOT! Most days, it moves along like clockwork and I am productive and happy with all that is happening in my corner of the house!


The next project is already in the works! To incorporate the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ a friend has asked to use pieces of a quilt she made 30 years ago for her daughter that was loved, used and finally trimmed apart to ‘do something with someday’. The daughter is having a baby of her own now and my friend has asked me to ‘see what I can come up with’. I rubbed my hands together and said as Dr. Seuss would say “oooooh… the things we can do!” Her daughter has chosen koalas for her decorating theme which we will incorporate into the quilt as well… bringing the ‘old and new’ together will be a challenge that is exciting and super fun!  I can’t wait to share this next journey with you all!

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