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Memory Quilts By Ambassador Lori Ehlert


I love to see the unique things people do to honor a memory with quilts. I had the pleasure to get started on a memory quilt for a family that celebrated their parents 50th anniversary! How special is that!! Every guest at the party wrote a note on a 5”X5" quilt square that represented how they knew the couple or how the couple influenced their lives. The variety of messages was fabulous! I loved reading them all and ‘feeling’ what the message said.


After talking to the daughter about her parents, what their house was like, what kind of colors were in the house, what style they decorated with, we decided on a traditional fabric bundle. One of the most important things I feel is to know or get a really good feel for the recipient, the family and the feelings of the people involved. A quilt is personal in my opinion. It represents a hug, comfort, a feeling of being safe and happy. 50 years of marriage is such a special thing and it needs to be remembered in a special way! So after talking to the daughter and seeing the love that she has for her parents I knew this had to be super special.  


Each written square is 5"X5” and we wanted a traditional block with cornerstones. I cut 3’X5” rectangles and 3”X3” cornerstones. After sewing on one rectangle on the bottom of the 5”X5” square, I then added a 3”X3” cornerstone to a 3”X5” rectangle then added that to the side, taking care to match and nest the seams. Nesting the seams helps so much to give that flat even look in a quilt. I just had to remember to iron the seams opposite directions so that I can nest them right up next to each other. I then trimmed the squares to 7 1/2” X 7 1/2”. To make it personal, I printed a picture from their party of the happy couple and inserted that in the quilt working the squares of the immediate family around the picture.  


I am using a Wildwood Way by RJR Studio layer cake. The construction is now underway and it is so exciting to all of the love and happy memories come together to form a quilt of the heart!   More to come as the progress moves on to completion and quilting!


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